Friday, 21 March 2008


These are a couple of spiderweb zippered purses I made yesterday, I still can't put zips in quite perfectly, but I'm improving. The spiderwebs were machine embroidered on my horrible old Singer, quite a feat in itself as it seems to have only one speed - FAST! I hand sewed a few little red and silver beads on afterwards, and they are lined with a nice red and black floral fabric. Very gothy.

Responding to a plea from my cousin Alice in London, who is still very cold, I am knitting a pair of mittens for her. She wants them asap, so although I'd love to do something tricky involving fair isle, I'm sticking with the a plain pair with a garter stitch cuff from Weekend Knitting. Hopefully I should have them done this weekend!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Ukrainian Egg Decorating

Pysanky, as it is known, is the Ukrainian art of decorating eggs using wax and dye, and to me seems the perfect Easter craft. I stumbled upon a book about it in the library last year, and of course I couldn't resist having a go. Luckily, my local Ukraininan House had the necessary ingredients: dyes, beeswax, and the little styluses, called kistka. Basically, small beads of wax are heated in the kistka over a candle flame, and the liquid wax then runs out the nozzle, and can be applied to the egg in the desired design. The egg is dyed, then more wax is applied, and this is repeated with as many colours as required. Finally, the wax is removed, revealing the amazing multicoloured pattern!

These are some eggs I made last year, the black one was my first attempt. The design on the red one came from a piece of Hungarian embroidery. I was being a bit stingy with the amount of colours I used (wow, black, red and yellow!) because I couldn't find enought jars to store the dye in! I'm hoping to do some more this weekend using some blues or greens as well.

There is an amazingly comprehensive website on pysanky called, which is well worth a visit for its detailed instructions and great resources.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Happy Birthday Zoltan!

This Friday is my little brother's 23rd birthday, so last night I made him a card. I cut the feather freehand out of gold card with a craft knife, and then realised that the piece of card it had been cut out of was just as pretty. So I ended up using them both on the card.

I've finally finished the crocheted cardigan I have been working on for eons. The photo was taken at the end of the day with very low sun, and now I realise I should have stood the other way so the stitches weren't in shadow! Also, the yarn is actually a bright bright turquoise, but somehow my camera makes it seem like a sky blue. I'm still struggling with this photo taking lark.

Pattern: Short and Sweet by Angela Best
Source: Stitch 'n' Bitch Crochet
Yarn: Bouton d'Or Caraibes Cotton
Hook: 4.5mm
Size: medium

Modifications: It was supposed to have sleeves, but in the end I left it as a sort of sleeveless vest, as they looked all stretched out by my giant shoulders.

Here are some lovely earrings that arrived in the post today from Rabbittobunny, who has some great beads and jewellery. You can't really see in the photo, but the leaves on these are actually irridescent green. I also bought some beads that are glass strawberries, I can't wait to work out a project for them.

And lastly, here is a rather gorgeous piece of graffiti by Deb that I walk past on the way to work every morning, on Johnston St in Fitzroy. Check out Hellblazer's Flickr page for more of Deb's great work, and hooray for girls with spray cans!