Monday, 18 July 2011

Fashion Illustration

One of my favourite sections in the Australian Women's Weekly magazines from the 40s and 50s is the fashion illustrations.  From 1940-1951 the fashion illustrator and possibly editor too, was the mysterious René, about whom I can find out nothing.  In France, René is usually a man's name (as opposed to the female Renée) so I suppose he was a man.  Anyway, he did some lovely sketches, like the delightful one on "sports togs" from 1940, shown above.  It includes such delicious copy as, "With spanking white shorts, try the audacity of a candy-pink hooded blouse spotted in white.  Unexpected drama in the long, full sleeves."

I've also found another illustrator, Petrov, who drew up Last-Minute Fashions, which were supposedly airmailed from London by Mary St. Claire (this was during the War, so Paris was out of the question). Petrov's illustrations are a little more static than René's, but still quite charming.

My favourite by far though, are the illustrations of Dorothea Johnston, about whom I can find nothing.  She usually illustrated the feature Mary Hordon's Paris Notes, which was written by the fashion editor about the latest couture clothing from Paris.  I love the way she uses sweeping lines to give the clothing a feeling of movement.  Everything looks so glamorous! The spread below is from 1952.  Don't you love the blue sunray pleated dress with the black spots?  It's Dior, of course!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Darling Dita - Paris Fashion Week Closing Party

Dita attended the Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall 2011 Closing Party at Trianon Palace on 7 July.  She wore a long black velvet gown with an pale blue satin bodice, intricately beaded and embroidered in gold, and with sequined pale-pink tulle flowers on the shoulders and cascading down the skirt by Alexis Mabille, which incidentally was also worn by Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl season 4.

Incidentally, this same dress was worn by Leighton Meester in season 4 of Gossip Girl. It does look lovely on her, but personally I prefer it on Dita.

The dress was from Alexis Mabille's Fall 2010 collection.  You can see the beaded/embroidered detail down the front much better in the runway shot.

 And here is a closeup of the bodice. Click to make it much bigger.  Look at all that work!  Gorgeous.

Beauty Alphabet - X Y Z

Last Letters in Your Beauty Alphabet!

X-Y-Z for Extra Energy, Youth, Zest

"You may not have a Grecian nose, your hair may tend towards mouse, your suntan may be uncooperative and divide into freckles, but...

...if you have glowing health and vitality you will have a radiance which shines through your eyes and invests your whole personality with sparkle and charm.

Energy, youth and zest...these are the basis of true beauty, and they are yours if you follow four simple rules: Diet, Rest, Relaxation, and Exercise.  

Be sensible about your diet.  Most women nowadays know what foods are health-giving and energy building.  There are plenty of dietician's charts to advise you on the correct diet for your particular figure. Find the diet which suits you and stick to it!  Beauty of figure depends largely on your eating habits.  

Here is an invaluable health tip.  Instead of the early morning cup of tea, have the juice of an orange or lemon (or both combined) in a glass of water, with sugar if you wish.  You will feel much fresher and wide awake, and you will notice a big improvement in your health. 

You cannot have good health unless you have adequate rest and relaxation.  Plan your activities so that you have time to put up your feet, for early nights, for that weekend sun-bake.  If you feel really "strung up" and overworked, you'll find it difficult to relax.  This too, is a habit which needs practice.  

Don't Worry
Your mental attitude is most important to your health.  Many women ruin their health through unnecessary worry.  Worry will never solve a problem - do you best, then put the matter out of your mind.  A firm faith in the future is the greatest asset to your health and happiness.

And here is the last rule for health...exercise.  Daily exercise in fresh air with blow the cobwebs away and keep you youthful. If you are a working girl, go for a long walk in the cool evening.  Moderate exercise is essential for the not-so-young too.  Walking, swimming and golf are ideal for those who have lost the vigour of youth.

Beauty is far more than skin deep.  It is a habit of mind and body.  The health of your whole body and the state of your mind are the things that determine whether or not you have that "inner radiance" which transcends mere beauty of feature."

(from The Argus, 4 Jan 1951)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Psychobilly Polyvore set

Psychobilly Contest
Vintage Vandalizm is running a contest to win one of two $75 Iron Fist vouchers, and to enter, you have to make a Psychobilly Polyvore set. Here's my attempt! I've never really used Polyvore before, but it is quite fun. You can see the details of my set here.

rockabilly | Tumblr

Not sure where this photo is from (I found it on Polyvore but there are no credits) but I am so much in love with this girl. I want to look like this!