Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Two Years!

Mr Macska* and I had our two year anniversary last weekend! Yay! I did this drawing of us to commemorate the event. He came out looking a bit...pensive (sad?) but I blame my drawing skills or lack thereof.

Because in the real photo (which was snapped at my cousin's wedding a few months ago) he's smiling!  I don't often do pictures of "real" people so it was a real challenge - how much could I get away with glamourising (and making us thinner!) while still retaining something that was recognisably us? I did give Mr Macska a tie, because he wanted to wear it but forgot to bring it along (it was a stressful day). 

My friend Polly Van der Glas was instrumental in us ending up together, and as she just happens to be a very talented jeweller, I would really like us each to get one of her amazing hair rings. They are cast from braids of human hair and I love how they are quite simple and organic. I like the idea of having jewellery with story behind it, and although matching rings are a bit naff, I kind of like the idea!

Herend porcelain cat, Hungary

*I should probably mention at this point that "macska" (pronounced "much-kuh") is the Hungarian word for cat, so it's a silly little joke not his actual name. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Retro Space costume party

So I was wondering what to wear to this fancy dress party with a Retro Space theme. Then the ever-so talented William Llewellyn Griffiths from Metal Couture offered to lend me the most sensational metal breastplate/corset and helmet, and I knew I had my outfit.

This is the breastplate, isn't it so Barbarella? It's made of heavy-guage aluminium, and I polished it up so it looks like chrome. The inserts are clear blue perspex, so it's a little risqué, but it's so spacey.

Here it is without anyone in it. It fastens at the back with a silver leather buckle strap, and there is another one at the back of the neck. 

And this is the helmet. It was actually very comfortable to wear. I wish those red bits lit up but they are just perspex. Still, pretty cool, hey?

And to top it all off, Alice is lent me her amazing Terry de Havilland silver boots to wear. I am so lucky.

They have little crystal hearts on the soles. Amazing.

I usually make all of my costume, so I felt a bit like I was cheating this time! I did make my silver knickers though, and that was a bit of a challenge. The first ones I made turned out suprisingly well, but they were a bit hipsterish, and I wanted something more high cut. I forgot to take a photo of them when I finished them though, oops. I had to sew the fishnet tights into them which was a nightmare. The cape and gauntlets were very easy to make.

Somehow I also forgot to take a photo of my eyemakeup on the night, but this is the trial run I did a couple of days before (that's why the lower eyelashes are put on all wonky). The eyelashes I used on the top are the Jessica lashes from Glameyes by Manicare, and the ones on the bottom are Naturalites Upper and Lower Lashes Duo from Eylure (both were from Priceline, which incidentally has an amazing range of false eyelashes, ranging from $7 - $15)

I followed this Edie Sedgwick 1960s eyemakeup tutorial from Pixiwoo on YouTube.

Mr Mascka wanted something fairly simple and comfortable after the caterpillar costume from last party, so I made him a flowy green robe out of a couple of metres of green lamé (which took about 30 minutes to make) and he painted his face green with the most amazing metallic green face paint from Kryolan.

The party was great! There was a giant robot!

Some crazy shoes! (On a man nonetheless!)

A delicious vegan chocolate ROBOT cake with flashing lights!

Blue cocktails and silver costumes!

And I had a cute outfit to change into afterwards! I kind of wish I had long straight hair and a pointy fringe now... (and a tidier bedroom)