Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bump and Grindercise

Bump and Grindercise logo by Gypsy Taylor

On Saturday I went to my new excercise class - Bump and Grindercise! Run by the glamorous burlesque dancer L'amour, the class is like a burlesque aerobics class with some twerking thrown in for good measure.
As you can see, L'amour really dresses up for her classes, so I felt I had to make something exciting to wear.

Tada! My new burlesque workout outfit! The bra is from a belly dancing costume I made for the end-of-year concert last year. I had some lycra left over, so I made a pair of high-waisted knickers to match, and wore them over fishnets.

I used The Betty High Waisted Panties pattern from Ohhh Lulu. It's very good, you just pay and get a PDF emailed to you instantly.

The panties knickers (sorry, it's just the most awful word) have a shaped front and back piece, and side panels, so you can make them out of contrasting fabrics if you so desire. The instructions are quite brief (no pun intended!) but there is a tutorial on making them on the Ohhh Lulu blog. 

Gertie (from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing) made some and posted about them on her blog here - she mentions that she modified the pattern slightly to make them nip in at the waist more, and that's what I did too. Although the pattern uses lingerie elastic around the waist and leg openings, I bound the legs with strips of lycra and just folded the waist over and made a casing for elastic, as I wanted them to look more sturdy and less lingerie-like.

I'm definitely going to make some more pairs of knickers with this pattern - you can also use non-stretch fabrics cut on the bias for the front and back panels, so it would be nice to experiment with silk!