Sunday, 9 February 2014

Why I Need to Do Some Sensible Sewing

A little while ago I was looking in my wardrobe and wondering why when I have so many clothes does it seem like I have nothing to wear? Then I read this post at By Gum By Golly and realised what was wrong.

As you can see above, almost everything in my wardrobe is patterned. I've got spots (a lot of spots), checks, florals and leopard print, not to mention a lot of other novelty patterned items. Which is fine, I love patterns. The problem is that I don't have any plain things to wear them with.

For example, shirts. I've taken to wearing shirt more over the past year as they are a bit more demure for work and I love a shirt paired with a gathered skirt and a tight, wide belt. And these are my shirts - tiny horseshoes, checks, skulls, spots and leopard print. I also have black with cherries and a bright Hawaiian print. Not one plain shirt amongst them. This would be fine if all my skirts were in plain colours, but apart from a nice black wool pencil skirt for winter and a teal pencil skirt that I'm wearing to death, all my skirts are patterned.

This means I end up with things that only go with one other item, and that gets boring. I like the flexibility of a mix-and-match wardrobe but at the moment I've got a few things that I love but have nothing to go with them.

The upshot of this is that I need to do some Sensible Sewing. For starters I could do with:
  • a black voile shirt
  • a black cotton dirndl skirt
  • a black denim pencil skirt
  • a blue denim pencil skirt (I've got one but it's getting really faded and ratty)
This is going to be my challenge for 2014 -  to sew some plain basics pieces that I can wear with several things. What do you think? Do you sew plain things or just buy them?